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Our campus culture blurs the boundaries between the classroom, serving others and having fun.

And because we want new Mountaineers to hit the ground running and make connections on campus and in the community, you will complete an Adventure/Service activity as part of your Welcome Week experience.

Let’s get started!

Step 1 – Find Your Day

Your Adventure/Service day is assigned based on where you live or your admission type (e.g., transfer student).

Downtown residence halls, commuters and transfer students - Sunday, August 18

Are you a new commuter student, new transfer student or a first-time freshman living in a Downtown residence hall (Boreman, Dadisman, Honors, Senceca, Stalnaker or Summit)? Your Adventure/Service day is Sunday, August 18. Register for ONE Sunday activity.

Evansdale residence halls - Monday, August 19

Are you a first-time freshman living in an Evansdale residence hall (Bennett, Braxton, Brooke, Lincoln, Lyon and Oakland)? Your Adventure/Service day is Monday, August 19. Register for ONE Monday activity.

Step 2 – Choose Your Activity

All activities are free of charge and include transportation and equipment. Browse the 13 categories below to find activities available on your assigned day, and then follow the links to sign up through iServe or WVUGo.

Already know you want to help your community and start racking up your service hours? Check out iServe and the lists of Sunday Service Activities and Monday Service Activities.

When you’ve successfully registered, a confirmation email will be sent to your MIX email address. You may also receive an acknowledgement of risk form if your activity requires it. Please read the acknowledgement of risk form carefully and come prepared – especially if you are under 18, as you will need parent/guardian signature.

Need help registering or have questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to participate?

Yes, all new, undergraduate students (first-time freshmen and transfer students) must participate. Your attendance during Welcome Week activities will be shared with your First-Year Seminar instructors and advisers.

How do I register or change my activity?

We use two systems for registration – iServe and WVUGo – so instructions vary slightly. Look at the top of the activity page to see which system you’re using, and then follow the appropriate instructions below.

iServe Instructions

Choose “Login” at the top of the page, select “WVU Faculty/Staff/Student Login” and enter your WVU credentials. Once you’ve logged in and chosen your service project on iServe, just click “Sign-Up”, enter a contact phone and then click “Submit Your Response.”

If you change your mind later and need to unregister, no problem. Just go back to Click “Volunteer Need Responses” and then use the drop-down menu next to the title of your project to Unregister so someone else will have an opportunity to serve in your place. Then you’re free to choose a different activity.

If you need help registering for an activity in iServe or have questions, please contact the Center for Service and Learning at or 304-293-8761.

WVUGo Instructions

After you find the activity you would like to register for, you will sign in using your WVU ID by clicking the “sign in” button. Be sure to select “WVU Students/Faculty/staff” – you should not have to create a new login. Pay careful attention to the information presented during sign-up. You will “check out” to complete your sign-up. You will receive a confirmation email at your MIX email address.

If you need to switch your activity, you can cancel your original registration and then register for a new program. To cancel your registration, login to the WVUGo Portal, open your WVUGo online account by clicking your username in the upper right corner, select profile > programs > registrations > find the activity you want to cancel > cancel class.

If you need help registering for an activity in WVUGo or have questions, please contact or 304-293-7529.

Do I need to complete any forms or paperwork?

Some participants may need to complete additional paperwork. If you are signing up for an Adventure option, such as rafting or caving and/or if you are under 18 years of age at the time of your program, you will need to complete a paper form and have it signed by your parent/guardian. If you do not have this form at check-in you will not be able to attend and will have to switch to another program.

If you are not doing one of the aforementioned programs and are 18 or older, you will complete the acknowledgement of risk as part of your sign-up process. Check your registration confirmation to see if you need to complete an additional form. You can access forms at

Where do I go to check in for my program?

Check-in locations are different for each day. On Sunday, Downtown residence hall students, commuters and transfer students will check in for their activity on the Mountainlair Green.

On Monday, all Evansdale residence hall students will check in for their activity outside the Student Recreation Center, between the Rec Center and Evansdale Crossing.

What should I wear/bring?

Check your confirmation email for details on what to bring. All equipment is provided for each activity; however, it is important that you appropriate clothing for your safety and comfort. Inappropriate footwear may result in you having to choose a different project/activity.

Check your confirmation email, and if you still are not sure, email us at or